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Just A Quick June Update For The Political Bandit, 2014 – Urgent Update For Pahrump Residents

Well, here I am again. We did not have Internet access for over three (3) months when we moved from Winder, Georgia, to Pahrump, Nevada. Georgia may be a “Red State,” however, don’t let that fool you. The facts about “Southern Hospitality” are 100% true and correct. I owe the State of Georgia Department of Family Services a sincere apology; what I wrote was true and correct, however, I had no idea of how other states handled those services, and Georgia, even though they have had to cut their budgets still stands head and shoulders above what we have witnessed in Nevada. I yearn for the humidity and friendliness that is part of living in Georgia – and if I have my way, I’ll be returning soon.

June 21, 2014 ·



A Key Component of Hopi Indian Predictions Of Doom May Be On The Horizon

Human beings rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to watch a star change and morph into what the stars size dictates will be one of several types of Novas. When we understand that this "Star" has visibly changed in odd ways the past forty years it is certainly capable of other parlor tricks that will instill fear and dread into the masses if HR 5171 A continues to change within our own lifetimes.

March 13, 2014 ·


Super Sun

Some Thoughts On Dr. Phil’s Tweet In Which He Asked If It’s OK To Have Sex With A Drunk Girl

We all know that Dr. Phil is too smart to make a tweet like that because he is a Dr. (Sic) and knows without asking that the answer is normally a resounding no! I believe he was doing it for research because as much as it is kept quiet, some women like to get drunk before they have sex and claim that it makes the experience better for them because they can "let go" much easier and indulge themselves in activities they wouldn't do unless they were drunk. My first wife was like that and she got drunk when we had sex and also on every other occasion she could. She simply liked to get drunk so if there was going to be any sex, it had to be when she was drunk. She was always drunk...

August 22, 2013 ·



A Political Blogger Without A Country – August Site Update – Updated

Yes, I'm still a United States citizen but try as I will, The United States I grew-up in and remember is long gone. I have a good feel for politics and have a lot of experience writing for whatever company I worked for, and as I see my own nation kneeling before Fascism, I am saddened and grieve the loss of my country.

August 10, 2013 ·



July 2013 Site Update For The Political Bandit

The one time I desperately need to write and delve into some extremely deep research, my right shoulder is in need of a complete replacement including a prosthetic device that will work like a shoulder should, three torn tendons repaired, a small tear in the rotator-cuff, and other work which hasn't been explained to me yet. This surgery is supposed to take place soon after the 4th of July, and after a lengthy recovery, the left shoulder also needs arthroscopic surgery to repair a small tear in the rotator-cuff and a few odds and ends that I am still unaware of - but know it has to be repaired. When it rains it pours.

July 1, 2013 ·



Mid-January Site Update

In a very unusual turn of events this morning I noted that our International traffic was high, however, ever since 8:56 AM Eastern time, there has not been one single visit from the United States to this site. This is unprecedented albeit not unexpected. I was warned by someone I trust not to publish Part II of the above mentioned Op-Ed, but it isn't in me to back-off even when it could be detrimental to my health and well-being. If we cannot speak the truth in this society then as a democracy we are certainly doomed. Because of the rash of hacking this site has experienced I began to go through past visits and examined my traffic and wondered why, as high as our traffic has been, that those who read " ad-space-is-available-and-for-sale-on-this-site and wondered why no one had inquired into our pricing structure. two weeks ago I found an answer; one individual had attempted several times to send emails to us inquiring into the cost of our Ads but constantly received a notice that her emails to wjcormier@ThePoliticalBandit.net had failed to go through... That email address is valid and from this date forward I will be checking it daily; we have also noted several problems with our site that will soon be resolved. It's obvious that we have made some enemies and that's one of the problems when a fascist/authoritarian governance begins to take-over a formerly free and great nation. Speaking truth becomes a liability rather than an asset and when the hammer eventually drops - actually becomes a crime.

January 16, 2013 ·


North America 1-16-13

October 2012 Site Update – We’re Back And Will Be Posting On A Regular Basis Again

The GOP seems bound and determined to start a Civil War within the United States, and while some people are not voicing their fears publicly, the undertones and fear are almost palpable, especially in consideration of the huge amounts of ammunition that has been ordered by several Federal agencies under the guise of "target practice" (Sic) and the continuation of staffing FEMA Interment Camps that are still being built within the United States.

October 4, 2012 ·



Mormonism Revealed; Twelve Facts Most People Don’t Know About The Mormon Church’s Past

There is far too much of the Mormon history that the general population is unaware of as well as practicing Mormons who have spent most of their lives in the church. This article attempts to set the record straight as well as exposing what the Church has so feverishly attempted to cover-up.

April 19, 2012 ·



April Site Update – We Are Under Construction Again – Updated

I went out of town for a few days and after I returned found that someone had reset our Theme to its original context. How this happened I’m not sure, however, the Magazine Slider is currently not working. (I have already fixed the other issues.) We will be working to fix this issue as well ... Read More »

April 4, 2012 ·



A Holiday Greeting And December Site Update

We have systematically outsourced critical high-tech manufacturing, chemical research, and even weapons development and allowed China to coral the bulk of the world's supply of "rare earth metals," another monstrous flub of our national security concerns by a Congress and Presidency that refuse to see the forest through the trees.

December 23, 2011 ·


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