The Democrats, Led by Nancy Pelosi, Have Betrayed America

I’m no fan of Wolf Blitzer at CNN, but watching the interview he held with Nancy Pelosi was disgusting as she attempted to defend the Democrat’s progress in Congress. The mid-term elections brought the Democrats to power, and in less than nine months, what they’ve done to bring home the troops or hold this Presidency accountable for anything is laughable – but only if you find murder, fraud, and war crimes to be laughable matters; as for me, I quit laughing when Pelosi “took impeachment off the table.”

Pelosi: Democrats will hold Bush ‘accountable,’ despite inability to end war, unwillingness to impeach

Mike Aivaz and Nick Juliano RAW Story

Nine months after taking control of the House, Nancy Pelosi is taking credit for “changing the debate” on the war while in Iraq there are 30,000 more troops than on the day the San Francisco Democrat first rapped the Speaker’s gavel.

As to cries from liberal activists to impeach President Bush and/or Vice President Dick Cheney, such suggestions remain strictly verboten.

“I’ve always said that impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi said Tuesday at the tail end of an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. “This is President Bush’s war; it’s Vice President Cheney’s war, and now it’s become the war of the Republicans in Congress.”

Pelosi blamed the closely divided Senate for preventing passage of meaningful reforms in the Iraq war strategy and claimed she did not have the political clout or Constitutional authority to unilaterally cut war funding.

“I wish the Speaker had all the power you just described,” she scolded Blitzer, when he suggested the House simply cut off funding for the war. “I certainly could do that. That doesn’t bar the minority from bringing up a funding resolution. They have their parliamentary prerogatives as well.” MORE

If you follow the link and read the rest of the story, which also contains a video, Pelosi’s sarcasm made her look petty and arrogant – and demonstrated that Blitzer was right:

Blitzer asked if Pelosi was simply “telling your angry base” that “there’s nothing you can do” given Republican obstructionism.

Speaker Pelosi, isn’t it about time you explain to the American people why “impeachment is off the table?” Are you the new “Decider” for the Democrats, or simply too fearful to do what your oath of office and constituency demands – Impeach President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney! We know you don’t have enough votes, nor were there enough when the Nixon impeachment hearings began, but the process of impeachment itself opens-up the Mainstream News Media – and even they would have to report upon the crimes that have been perpetrated by this administration, and as it happened with Nixon, the people and Congress became outraged by the sheer weight of the evidence – and that was the end of Nixon.

Now we have a President and Vice-President that makes Nixon look like a choir-boy, yet “impeachment is off the table…” and so far, there’s been no explanation that makes sense; when our forefathers drew-up The Constitution of the United States – articles of impeachment were included to stop a presidency from obtaining absolute power, and when the sheer weight of the evidence demonstrates that our Presidency is guilty of multiple crimes, impeachment is not an option, but the sworn duty of all members of Congress, Republican, Democrat, and Independent alike!

September is National Preparedness month, however we never dreamed that the disaster we would face would be a Congress that is as ineffective and cowardly as those we voted out of office. Dick Cheney and his “team” are pushing for war with Iran, and the Democratic led Congress is impotent to do anything except posture themselves as against the war, with Pelosi now stating that:

“This is President Bush’s war; it’s Vice President Cheney’s war, and now it’s become the war of the Republicans in Congress.”

Excuse me Speaker Pelosi, but in simple terms, that statement is pure, unadulterated Bulls**t! It’s our war, it’s our sons and daughters that are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it’s our economy that is close to collapsing! Evidently, Darth Cheney is urging Israel to begin the war with Iran – and you have the nerve to state that Democrats will “hold this administration accountable, time and time again for the conduct of this war.”

“The thinking on Cheney’s team is to collude with Israel, nudging Israel at some key moment in the ongoing standoff between Iran’s nuclear activities and international frustration over this to mount a small-scale conventional strike against Natanz using cruise missiles This strategy could be expected to trigger a sufficient Iranian counter-strike against US forces in the Gulf as to compel Bush to forgo the diplomatic track that the administration realists are advocating and engage in another war.”

Darth Cheney, Warmonger and Fascist

This is the most frightening piece I’ve read some time, along with Justin Raimondo’s latest column on that draws upon it. Raimondo citing a recent CNN interview with Seymour Hersh links Cheney and Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams (the most powerful neocon presently in the administration) to U.S. support for the Sunni Fatah al Islam militia in Lebanon as a means to weaken Hizbollah. “George W. Bush,” he declares, “is totally out of the loop” in what Raimondo calls “the Cheney administration.” MORE

Speaker Pelosi, you are betraying the trust of the American people, and even worse than that, the trust of those who are actually fighting this war and are donating to the Democrats instead of the Republicans – which is the only way the troops have of showing their discontent with Bush and Cheney. When you explain “why” impeachment is off the table, please include a synopsis of how you and fellow Democrats will “hold this administration accountable…” Don’t tell us here, but send a message to the troops who are protesting this war in the only way they can, plus the resignation of some of our best Generals (Which seems to have been in vain…) – who you and the rest of Congress are ignoring, as well as the oath you took to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States!

Yesterday, Daniel Ellsberg wrote an article titled: ‘A Coup Has Occurred’ It’s a sobering glimpse into what has already happened and awaits us if our cowardly Congress doesn’t act immediately to impeach or indict Bush and Cheney, but it won’t happen as long as we have people like Pelosi and Reid guiding the Democratic Party; for all practical purposes, our system of checks and balances is dead and stinking – rotting away with the rest of our freedoms and liberty. It’s a sad day when the bulk of our Congress are nothing more than con-artists who will say and do anything to get elected – and then betray all of those who trusted them with our future.

Let’s face it, the Democrats have betrayed America – and I don’t believe we will ever see an election in 2008. It’s time to heed the President’s declaration of September being “National Preparedness Month” – but how do you prepare for the death of democracy?

William Cormier

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