Arrest & Charge Retired Major General Paul Vallely with Sedition And/Or Treason

Furthermore, the statements of General Vallely would, if such action was taken by him and his band of seditionists, violate our Rule of Law and it would also lead to an immediate designation of Martial Law, Civil War, and the deaths of untold Americans who would themselves fight to the last breath to protect our nation from being taken over by right-wing Nut-cases whom believe they are above the law.

January 27, 2014 ·



The Police State Is Here To Stay – Democracy Is Dead – Part One

The "people" have not had a President who actually represented them since John F. Kennedy whose assassination was a reminder to all future Presidents that they don't run anything, and if they do attempt to further the agenda of the people, neither the Secret Service or God himself can save him or her from the 1% and their associated corporations that actually make all of the major decisions for the United States Government.

December 28, 2013 ·



Ask yourself If The GOP is an Enemy of the State – Then ask if the Police are really protecting anyone other than themselves

This has been a tough day for reality. In fact, if there is a "reality" and we aren't living in the Matrix, it might be advisable to stock-up on weapons and ammunition after the many misadventures and crazy news that is permeating our society and affecting GOP politicians and News Organizations that represent the GOP, not the people. If there's one thing I've learned today it's to expect the absurd and death-dealers who wander around the nation attempting to stir-up anyone and everyone against the Ni**er in the White House. From my perspective, and I'm white and have lived in the deep South for decades, is that racism is contagious, and while many of us older folks have been down that road and back, life's experiences have taught us that the color of someone's skin doesn't mean one damn thing except that they will have a harder time making it in life - especially in these United States.

November 8, 2013 ·


House Fire

If The GOP Is As Dysfunctional In Congress As They Appear To Be, If They Are Not Replaced They Will Destroy The United States

We all Know that Fox News, ABC, and now CNN are all working in complicity with the GOP to continue a Reelection Campaign that has no basis in fact and is mostly rhetoric and convincing their constituents, even though they may be using Food Stamps too, that poor people are "eating too well" or in the alternative, could get work if there weren't any Social Safety Nets left to help those who without this type of aid, would soon be homeless and hungry. Don't let these lying Bastards forget that it was them who sent over thirty-million (30,000,000.00) American jobs over the past 30 years to foreign nations.

September 23, 2013 ·



September Site Update for The Political Bandit

We have been tracking the new VPS Server our site is now hosted on at and have been extremely satisfied with the speed and bandwidth this upgrade gave the site. More upgrades are in the works and eventually, we hope that the site will be one of the fastest and easiest to navigate as it pertains to Progressive politics and commentary that isn't dictated to us by anything other than our conscience and belief that with knowledge, true power eventually emerges. The "true power" we are seeking is the awakening of the American people

September 12, 2013 ·


Photo compliments of Photobucket

“Mad enough to Kill” – Part Two

When I read the above death warrant, which is exactly what it was, it most assuredly made me "Mad enough to Kill." Any American that reads the above secret orders the FBI had that authorized the FBI to begin murdering the Occupy Leadership are traitors to their country and are guilty of complicity to murder, since it crossed State Lines, guilty of the RICO ACT, and finally, they are guilty of sedition and treason against their own country. Fortunately, I am not one of the heartless psychopaths who would knowingly murder an unarmed American Citizen who was doing nothing more than attempting to get our government to stop Wall Street from stealing us blind, but in Fascist Nations, anyone who dares to oppose corporate rule is often marked for death. Do you hear that noise coming ever so faintly to your ears? You should - it's the death knell for Liberty and Justice in our nation, and even when we protest peacefully, if we rub the wrong Fascists the right way, it may be our lives that will be snuffed out, and when it does happen, you can bet that no Freedom of Information Act in the United States will reveal their murdering of American Citizens.

July 1, 2013 ·



“Mad Enough To Kill”

How can the citizens of this nation possibly allow Congress to allow people who entered this nation illegally get a "pass" while the phony "War on Drugs" has hundreds of thousands of non-violent people serving lengthy prison terms for being in possession of a harmless weed that our government insists is dangerous to our health? The SOB's in Congress are living in the lap of luxury and get themselves reelected by accepting legal bribes from Lobbyists and refusing to pass any meaningful legislation unless it's against women, gays, or it's another bill restricting our constitutional rights and 95% of America is sitting in silence! Corporate America wants an immigration bill so they can have their cheap labor forever - at your expense, and rather than forcing them to make concessions on the expansion of the Military Industrial Complex and The Prison Industrial Complex, those who were entrusted to "uphold the Constitution of the United States" which they are wiping their asses on could care less what "we the people" want or need.

June 30, 2013 ·



Open Letter To President Barack Obama And The United States Congress – Part Two

The Gun Control Negotiations are also deeply flawed and fail to address grave problems that affect each and every American and the Global Community in ways that our nation chooses to ignore rather than address head-on; we will attempt to concentrate upon what we believe are inconsistencies on both sides of our Two-Party (Sic) Political System and will ask questions that still remain unanswered and unless publicly addressed, make the Gun Control Negotiations a political football rather than seeking real solutions to this issue. The general public is still unaware of many of the dangers that face this nation and have the potential to rip our country apart if not handled with openness and credible arguments and facts rather than political rhetoric and obstructionism.

January 14, 2013 ·



Open Letter To President Barack Obama And The United States Congress – Part One

Is the Presidency and Congress complete imbeciles or have they been bought and sold by Corporate America and Multinational Corporations? When you allow corporations to eviscerate our tax base by outsourcing our light and heavy manufacturing, not to mention our technical support positions, it doesn't take a 5th Grader to envision how that will impact our ability to pay our nations debt. I might add that all which is stated above are facts, not supposition and/or opinion! How in the heck can Grover Norquist get the GOP to pledge not to raise taxes when we are paying the lowest level of taxes since the 1950's and we suffer from a revenue problem caused by and through a corrupt Congress that enabled Corporate America to outsource what is in effect - most of our economy?

January 8, 2013 ·



The GOP’s Budget Plan Will Make The Obama Conundrum A Reality – The Only Solution Is To Vote Every One Of Them Out Of Office

House Republicans further threaten the middle class by rewarding companies for sending American jobs overseas. They want to revive the outsourcing loopholes that Democrats, including myself, have fought hard to close. These loopholes would exempt overseas profits from taxes, creating a greater incentive to relocate investments to other countries and leaving more of the tax burden to our middle class.

March 27, 2012 ·


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